Sunny Summer Mango Salsa and Nachos

Country of Origin: India, भारत गणराज्य, Bhārat Gaarājya

Written by Ruby Pathak from

Our all-time favourite Salsa and Nachos, are so popular nowadays that we love to mould this recipe in our style, and enjoy this Mexican traditional snack in our native Indian kitchen.


·         1 Small Tomato
·         1 Jalapeno
·         1 Small Onion
·         1 Small Mango
·         1 tsp Lime Juice
·         2tsp of Coriander leaves
·         1 Pinch of Salt
·        1 ½ - 2 Cups of Flour
·         1/2tsp Salt
·         1tsp Paprika
·         1/2tsp Oregano
·         1/2tsp Onion Powder
·         1/2tsp Garlic Powder
·         8 tsp Sunflower Oil
·         Extra Oil for Frying
Method of preparation:

1.     Clean and chop the fruits and vegetables.
2.    Add lime juice and coriander leaves.

1.     Take a big bowl and mix all the dry ingredients.
2.    Add oil and mix well.
3.    Add water and make dough divide in 6 balls, roll them in circles, and cut as many triangles as possible.
4.    Deep fry the nachos and cool it. 
5.  Serve with salsa.

By courtesy of Ruby Pathak from

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